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October 23, 2012 – Vacation Day 12, Cruise Day 10 – Day At Sea

Get ready for this trip report to get very light in pictures. LOL I only have Palo pictures so be prepared for lots of food porn.

After leaving Hawaii Disney stopped all of the Hawaiian entertainment on the ship. We were heading to Mexico and so very sad. We both slept in and missed breakfast. It had been a tiering few days. We made our way up to the buffet and ran into some friends we had made from Australia. We had lunch and then we headed to the pool for the entire afternoon.

We swap, chatted with lots people who now felt like old friends and Read and napped. It was a great day. The weather was perfect!

Then we went back to the cabin and…..laid around…..LOL

We forced ourselves to get up and we showered to get ready for Palo…..ahhh Palo….I wish I could eat here every night. LOL

Palo is so special to me. It is where Pete and I had our first dance and cut our wedding cake and started our lives as a married couple. Not only do I love all Palos but the one on the Wonder is THE ONE it is Our Palo!!

We had the same waiter. Ashley and he again was wonderful!

I still remember standing here in this spot waiting to be announces as a married couple for the first time!

The Menu hold so many great items. It’s hard to pick!

We started with the Antipasti. The cured beef is my favorite followed by the Parmesan Cheese.

My husband…..I love this picture of him.

I started with the Mushroom Appetizer. I swear is I was home I would lick this plate. LOL

Pete had the calamari and this blurry picture is the only one I have.

Our Palate cleanser (AKA my favorite desert)

For my main meal I got the gnocchi and the grilled shrimp.

Pete ordered the Steak and Scallops.

I ordered the Lemon Sorbet but he brought me a caramel Ice Cream to try also. LOL

Pete got the Soufflé

We love the after dinner shot. Cheers to us!

I love Palo and this whole area of the ship!

I was so sleepy that after walking around on the deck I headed down to go to sleep!

My feet were killing me. This was before my foot surgery…however sadly they are not back to 100%.

Pete went to the deck after changing clothes to hang with his new friends….I tried to read and instantly fell asleep!


October 22, 2012 – Vacation Day 11, Cruise Day 9 – Hilo, Hawaii

Today was our last Day in Hawaii. This makes me sad just typing this.

We pulled into the post and we headed to the top deck (are you surprised? LOL) We wanted a few pictures before getting off the ship.

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October 21, 2012 – Vacation Day 10, Cruise Day 8 – Ohau, Aulani

Yay! Today is the day I was looking forward to the most out of all of the days! AULANI! I had a client on the cruise with us, TerriLynn and her family. We each booked a one night stay at Aulani with a discount and arranged a transportation service to pick us up at the ship and drive us to Aulani and then after our day was over pick us up at Aulani and drive us back to the ship. We used Royal Hawaiian Tour. They gave us the best price.

Again we got up early (like 6am) and headed to the deck to take pictures. Before long we heard that the ship was clear around 7am and we took off. We wanted to get the most time at the resort since we needed to be back on the ship by 4:30pm.

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October 20, 2012 – Vacation Day 9, Cruise Day 7 – Kauai

Another Island today. We were up bright and early again. We wanted to be the first group off of the ship.

I am going to warn you now this will end up being 3 posts long….we did so much today!!

We again went up to the top deck for some pictures while waiting for the ship to be cleared.

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October 19, 2012 – Vacation Day 8, Cruise Day 6 – Maui

UGH….I just lost this whole post…lets start again.

So we woke up super early since the Pride of Maui was picking us up a little after 7am. We threw on clothes and headed up to the top deck to see Land! Of course I checked my email right away. It’s been like 5 days since I was in contact with my clients. Sure my boss was handling any problems but I needed to make sure everyone was ok.

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It was breathtaking. It was amazing. It is a moment I will never forget…seeing the sun rise in Hawaii! I was in HAWAII!!!

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